We are here to heal, transform and grow into the brightest version of ourselves.

 We are here to embody our Light and discover our Truth.

We are here to explore the full spectrum of LIFE. 

We are here to open ourselves up to our unlimited potential and to consciously create a life that reflects our highest purpose.

We do this by…

Engaging in introspection and deep soul work to uncover the beliefs and stories that make up our current reality and keep us shackled to it. 

Journeying inward to meet the parts of ourselves we left outside and to invite our whole selves to the table. Restoring our relationship with life and ourselves by undoing years of conditioning. 

Accepting both our light and shadow sides. Developing a sense of appreciation, acceptance, inclusion, and compassion. 

Creating relationships that honor who we really are and that offer the possibility of a beautiful unfolding.

For we are destined to

Create a brighter version of ourselves by creating a conscious life. 

Embrace a lighter way of being with ourselves, so that we can be more accepting of everyone around us. 

Live, heal, and grow on behalf of us all. 

Make choices with awareness, and not be afraid to fail. We love ourselves regardless.

Lead our lives knowing what we want to embody.

The coaching process that I facilitate is a powerful, transformative journey of awareness, emerging motivation, and development.

It is truly a marvelous experience of unfolding, where different aspects of your life come alive to be seen, understood, and reframed into higher vibrational perspectives. 

My focus is to help you create CHANGE that is effective and long-lasting. That is fulfilling and surprisingly rewarding for you. The kind of change you can continue to pivot on. The pillars of my work are Awareness, Motivation, and Development. I bring to play tools and practices meant to create amazing shifts in your energy, focus, and perspective that will allow you to break through whatever is holding you back, to attain what it is that you really want. 

I approach our partnership as a sacred space where nothing is judged, instead everything is welcomed as it is. I welcome everything that is shared with compassion and curiosity, seeking to discover where you can stretch out more, where you can rest and create more ease, and where you have the greatest potential for growth. My role is to facilitate your journey of introspection, self-discovery, and becoming. Let me support you in creating a brighter version of yourself!

“The greatest gift Life could have made to you is yourself.

You are a spontaneous, self-choosing center of Life, in the great drama of being,

the great joy of becoming, the certainty of eternal expansion.”

I love to ignite the fire of soulful alchemy to help you translate your discoveries into bright revelations that transcend mind’s fragmentary view. I use tools and practices that will help you see how you limit yourself and why you continue to display certain attitudes and behaviors. You will gain an insight into your inner mechanisms and become more intimate with Truth. You will learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities. You will encounter acceptance and letting go along the way. Befriend them.

In exploring the depths of consciousness, I will help you discover your potential, your strengths, and set clear intentions.

Together, we will cultivate a powerful mindset, driven by values and inspired by the heart. You will be able to see past your reflection in the mirror and realize that you are a powerful, resourceful, and gifted human being.

Let me promise you this: when you shift your energy, focus, and perspective to what makes you come alive, and choose to lead your life from the heart, you will start to make more luminous + empowered choices. And all that you will want to create in your life will find its way to you. You will become a Conscious Life Creator.

I always say that Ana is not a Coach, but an Angel. She came to my life in the right moment and I’m extremely grateful by all the wonderful work she has been doing, first with me, and then with me and my husband. She is an incredibly intuitive person who is able to hear what you’re saying and what you’re not saying. Her questions made me think (and feel, of course) for days. She helped me overcome my fears and unveil my “real who”, little by little, until I gained confidence to take action. I felt totally comfortable and inspired while working with her. She is non-judgemental, passionate, fully committed and creative. She not only follows the principles of a good coaching practice (IPEC and ICF codes), but goes beyond, adding her creativity, knowledge and any alternative material she considers will help the client reflect, have clarity, feel inspired, and take action. I could continue writing about her but the most important thing I can tell you is that I highly recommend Ana!!” Silvia Lago