What: One focused session; your option of 90 or 120 min.

Where: Zoom

Investment: $175 or $250

This is a one-time stop by for clarity and the next steps moving forward. Your journey is already underway, but you want to reflect on a few options and then decide. Perhaps you got stuck along the way and need some assistance to get back on track. Alternatively, you may be facing a crossroads in a relationship, career, or life decision. The ‘What do I do next?’ is keeping you up at night and you are looking for someone to meet you where you are. You could definitely benefit from some guidance to figure things out and change some insecurities or sabotaging thoughts. Here I am, ready to help. I will bring my toolbox for ’emergency’ interventions, so we’ll get you moving forward with clarity, intentional focus, and smart steps you can make on your own (or together if you feel more inclined). Before our 90-minute session, you will receive a Personal Inquiry Worksheet to complete on your own. Following our session, you will continue working on your Aim Smart Plan.

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What: 6 sessions / 60 min. each or 12 sessions / 60 min. each

Where: Zoom

Investment: $840 or $1490

A guided journey of healing and transformation that will change your life forever. Are you ready to discover how you can harness the power to create a brighter and more purposeful life? This program is for you if you have a strong intention to recalibrate your life, are willing to cross many thresholds of thinking and feeling to arrive at a new version of yourself, and are ready for a fully immersive experience that requires a iterative mindset. You are here to write a different narrative around your potential. You know that meeting this different version of yourself requires steady focus, inner attunement, daily actions, and an integrated vision that is bold, loving, and inspired by the heart.

You are in for the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ of listening to your own wisdom and finding your own voice while crafting the framework to living a purposeful life. Come prepared for big revelations, letting go, disruptive thinking, heart centered practices, and meeting the call of your soul.

Includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and Debrief. Find out more about the E.L.I here.

To inquire about this program or register, please fill out the form here.

  • inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions.

What: 6 sessions / 60 min. each or 12 sessions / 60 min. each

Where: Zoom

Investment: $840 or $1390

Are you ready to add more meaning & purpose to your life and activate more joy? Do you want to live life on your terms, and are ready to engage your creative spirit to accomplish that?

These sessions are all about understanding your strengths, developing your potential and removing barriers to success by discovering the real attributes of fulfillment for you, either in your personal or professional life. We will examine what is holding you back from manifesting your highest potential, changing paradigms of thinking and acting and aligning your self-expression in the world with your super-powers. In these sessions, we will discuss important questions regarding your life purpose, adjust your view of life, access your creative genius, create a more productive relationship with work + abundance, and implement a real-growth strategy with Soul.

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