What’s your heart whispering to you? What would be useful, healing, uplifting for you to feel right now?

How about taking some time to rest in that inner space and listen? There is no other place you will find a better medicine for your suffering, or a better solution to your problems, not even a greater life strategy than the one your Heart already has for you. 

The Heart holds the space for reflection and nurturing.  When the world is heaving, the most socially responsible path is to heal ourselves of what’s raging within. We become less triggerable. Steady in the storm. Loving… more. That’s the great awakening—and it begins inside. Let’s go all in.

Would you like to experience what it might feel like to embody the fullest expression of Divine Love, Wisdom, Compassion, Truth, Radiance, Resilience, Giving, or Loving Kindness? This is your chance to explore heart-centered virtues through reflection, introspection, and action. Through the Virtue Resonance Tool, you can find out the meaning of each virtue and listen for heart clues on what most resonates with you. We will discuss which virtue felt so vibrant to you that you want to explore and embody more, and what are the opportunities for doing this work together. 

Price options/ Pay what you choose ($45; $55; $60).

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