Did you ever experience overwhelm when figuring things out for the future? It sounds silly to ask this question, since many of us live our lives trying to prepare for our future. Though we are not there yet, there are so many things that can happen, right? Many times, we feel we need to know in advance what we need to do once we reach the destination, the issue, the deadline, etc. We have to deliver, to meet our goals, to be prepared. Being organized and well prepared can help tremendously, but sometimes we don’t know how to get there. Not all the time, anyway. This is when the push for answers hits our anxiety/panic button. This triggers the ‘not good enough’ voice within, or simply the feeling of not being enough. Fear takes over. What will we do? If (insert your worst scenario), what will we do?

Remember how, as children, we would always ask our parents: Are we there yet? Well, I now ask you: Are you there yet? and Have you been there before?

In this instance you are not quite there yet, and you will figure it out when the time comes. How do I know? Consider the second question. Have you ever been in a difficult situation? Of course you have.


You figured it out! Your life didn’t end there. How did you do it? Was there any help? Were you resourceful? Innovative? Confident? Were you willing to take a risk when it was needed?

The reason I’m asking is because I want you to remember that:

Each problem has its own solution. Each new challenge has its own set of directions. And…we always have a choice. There will always be uncertainty. It’s another way to be pushed out of our comfort zones and think creatively about life.

Next time you feel worried/anxious, instead of adding unnecessary stress to the situation, bring yourself to the present moment and put some faith and trust in it by saying this to yourself: “I’ll figure it out!”, “I’ll figure it out!”.

You’ll figure it out!

Live life on your terms, lovingly!