8 Sessions Group Program / twice a month

When: Starting March 2022, 11 AM PST (every first & third Monday of the month) or 6 PM PST (every first & third Thursday of the month)

Where: Zoom – 90 minutes

Price: $640

When life calls you to lead differently, a new framework of self-expression is needed. Expand your edges and elevate your mental state and emotional space.

Design and integrate a new vessel for your success, happiness, abundance and health, by cultivating self-awareness, sharp focus, and conscious perspectives based on an Energy Leadership model. 

Your life reflects how you think, feel, and make choices based on your level of conscious awareness about who you are and the world at large.  Develop a clear roadmap of internal shifts that will lead you to your peak destination. This group program is a place to challenge your growth and shape your impact in the world.

This program is a call to help you rise above your stumbling blocks, prepare you to embrace change, and cultivate the courage to face challenges and turn them into growth opportunities and soul-expansion, by raising your awareness /consciousness and energy.

During our time together we’ll explore the 7 levels of energy that influence how we think, feel, and act at any given moment. The purpose of this exploration is to discover the qualities of anabolic (constructive) and catabolic (destructive) energy and how you can move from being at the effect of people and events in your life to becoming an empowered and embodied Conscious Life Creator.

  • Anabolic energy is constructive, expanding, nourishing, and creative. 
  • Catabolic energy, on the other hand, is destructive, draining, and resisting. 
  • We experience different types of energy throughout the day and in different situations. 
  • We often experience the same type of energy over and over again due to our attitude and the way we interpret our experiences. 
  • By shifting to anabolic energy, you are more likely to inspire others, be more open to innovation and possibility, and be better able to achieve your goals and lead others.

During this practice, we will cultivate the awareness of choice in every moment and strengthen your ability to consciously choose the thoughts and feelings that will lead you to the desired outcome. 

This exploration of the 7 levels of energy is enabling you to discern how you limit yourself, understand why + how you keep repeating the same old patterns, and how are you can re-program the mind by training your consciousness such as you will be able to change your default tendencies into conscious choices and elevate the narrative of your life situations and your self-concept (how you perceive yourself). 

By the end of this course, you will be able to recognize the characteristics of each energy level and have a roadmap of leading yourself from low vibration thoughts and feelings into higher vibration ones. 

This is transformational leadership in action. 

The higher your energy level, the more successful and fulfilled you will be.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Show up as a conscious leader in your life and inspire and motivate those around you.
  • Feel more purposeful.
  • Become more successful in less time.
  • Reduce stress and increase your level of engagement in life.
  • Make quick, accurate decisions.

This program is based on the concepts of Energy Leadership, a proprietary coaching process developed by The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. To find out more about Energy Leadership, click here.   

For more details about the program, please send me an email.

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