7 months program

When: Starting April 2022, 11 AM PST (every third Wednesday of the month) or 6 PM PST (every third Friday of the month)

Where: Zoom – 90 minutes

Investment: $420

We deserve to feel supported and nurtured as we grow into a brighter and bolder version of ourselves. We gather to build community, sisterhood, and resilience. We cultivate beauty, love, and joy in ourselves and for each other so that we can benefit our families, communities, and the world.

This circle is an opportunity to bring together the power of community to support and inspire our spiritual development. Our collective love and wisdom bring comfort and reassurance that the work we’re doing is tenfold more meaningful and stronger because we are doing it Together. The purpose of our togetherness is to feel held, inspired, and motivated as we deepen our connection with the heart. 

In my role as a facilitator of these once-a-month meetings, I ensure that a sacred and safe space is created so we can dive deep into our humanness to bring light into our consciousness. Together we’ll meditate, pray, reflect, shift, explore various possibilities, create new perspectives, implement practices to embrace change in our lives. In addition, we’ll incorporate new rituals to enhance our energy, and support each other along the way. Each month we will work closely on a certain life area and a virtue that we will cultivate during that specific month. 

The heart-centered virtues we will address are: 

  • Divine Love, Compassion, Wisdom, For Giving, Loving Kindness, Resilience, and Radiance. 

We will integrate each virtue into the following Life Areas:

  • Livelihood and Lifestyle, Relationships and Society, Body and Wellness, Essence and Spirituality, Creativity and Learning. 

Our time will be devoted to experiential exercises, inner reflections, dialogue, short meditations, and finding our own personal ways to embody the virtues of a heart-centered life.

This program is designed to re-create our relationship with ourselves and our lives by learning how to embody heart-centered virtues. The focus will be on sisterhood and beauty, creating nourishing thoughts and intentional action.

Prior to meeting together, participants complete exercises on their own, so that they can discuss their experiences in the circle. This allows everyone to have a voice and be heard.

As this is an open-to-all perspectives group, we welcome all opinions and experiences that aim to enhance our journey together. The willingness to consider all points of view with reverence and care is highly encouraged.