We are getting closer to the holiday season, which means we are entering a more relaxed phase of the year. I want to take this opportunity to tell you what I am ready to create in my life and what I am ready to let go of. I invite you to consider the following questions with curiosity, and to see what the answers reveal for you.

I’ll start first…

I WANT MORE presence in myself, my life, and in the world. I want to approach myself with more gentleness and compassion. I want to meet myself where I am in the moment without judgment or the need to push myself past what is present for me right now. Every day, I choose to take a moment to look inward. This will enable me to create more awareness and bring more love to myself by listening to and nurturing my feelings.

I WANT MORE patience and spaciousness in my relationships with my loved ones. I want to do more fun activities with my kids and more walks in nature with my husband. More of…letting my friends know how much I love them more often. More of…embracing our differences versus our similarities and see where that leads.

I WANT MORE social media exposure and more meaningful connections. I want to be here with you, to get to know each other better, to bring you useful and practical content. I want to tell you more about who I am, why I am here, and how I can be of service to the world. I want to bring my whole self into purposeful conversations with you, and I want to learn from you; we are each other’s students and teachers. This is my living room, and I welcome you all in. Let me know how I can best support your growth and transformation.

Lastly, I WANT LESS divisiveness and fractures in human interactions. I’d like to see less judgment among people, less fear, less need to prove a point, and less manipulation. I want to spend less time on things that do not add value to my life (small talk, a certain type of news, household activities).

What about you? In the comments, let me know what you would like MORE of and what you would like less of. Let’s set some intentions for the future.

All my love for what makes us more of who we really are,