For the past seven years, I have been working as a Life and Leadership Coach, educating and coaching women and men on how to live purposeful lives + build meaningful relationships with themselves; ones that are inspired from the heart and led by higher levels of consciousness.

As a coach, what interests me most is helping you discover who you really are and what you can become.

My mission is to awaken your power, activate your inner wisdom, and transform your life from the core. I will coach you on developing self-awareness & cultivating a meaningful connection with yourself, discovering your resourcefulness for creating a more conscious life, and becoming your radiant self. 

Using my gifts as Conscious Life Creator, I will challenge your beliefs and help you change patterns of thinking and feeling rooted in uncertainty, fear, limitation, and lack. By focusing on what is real and alive within you, you will be empowered to build your life on your own terms. You will be able to connect your inner passions and purposes to heart centered strategies that will allow you to thrive. You will discover new and exciting motivations that will help you develop a stronger and more compelling attitude and behavior.

It’s time to step into your power, elevate self-leadership, and build the life + relationships you’ll love every single day. 

Because you’re worth it.

I work successfully with people who are willing to persevere and are determined to grow; people who are ready to be radically honest; to take responsibility for their place in the world; to accept and embrace the full spectrum of their life experiences with love; to let go of what does not serve them any longer; who want all to benefit through their transformation, healing and growth. Leaders. Creatives. Entrepreneurs. Alchemists of life. Restless Soul Seekers. 

Our journey together is about completely immersing ourselves in exploring the virtues of the heart and the powerful potential of consciousness. As we begin this journey, we will sit with what is present for you, what calls for love, care, and attention from you. And while we’ll look for new and exciting horizons for you to explore, we’ll engage in a thought-provoking and soul-searching process that will inspire and motivate you to maximize your potential and realize your dreams. 

Using my intuition, I will facilitate luminous awareness in you, bring your inner motivation to life, and sustain your development over time. 

With the help of effective coaching tools and practices, I’ll help make this transformation akin to a process of alchemy: no thoughts or beliefs will be lost, no experiences will be ignored, but instead, everything will be combined and used to elicit a shift in energy, focus, and perspective. By making these shifts, you’ll create room for life to move freely through you, you’ll become resourceful, and you’ll have the ability to transform obstacles into opportunities for growth.

I’m genuinely skilled at seeing parts of you that you haven’t met yet, at giving voice to what hasn’t been addressed so far, and creating the conditions that allow a brighter version of you to emerge. I’m going to guide you to face any aspects of your life with courage, compassion, and love. 

I thrive on empowering you to make choices that are aligned with your heart and creating containers that elevate your consciousness and potential. I build on inner sovereignty and commitment to growth for the benefit of all.

I consider my work to be my true purpose and calling in life. I grow and change alongside the people I work with. I believe we are each other’s students and teachers. I am open to receiving your wisdom and I am grateful for it!

I enjoy soulful connections and feel at my best when I am with people. I enrich my life by remaining curious, open, and cultivating inner awareness.

To be where I am today, I had to lose myself in order to find my Self. My deep soul work and countless journeys inward helped me create a new way of being with myself. As part of this process, I learned how to be with myself lovingly. I am forever grateful for every experience that has taught me something about myself.

I navigate the complexities of life with Faith. Whenever I’m feeling down, I turn to meditation, prayer, and honest conversations to re-ignite my resilience. I always find comfort in the arms of my loved ones. I restore trust and confidence by reminding myself that I am loved, nourished, and supported by God, all the time! 

I want to leave this world a better place through who I am and what I do! That includes you, of course.

I am an adored wife and mother of three wizard boys who inspire my growth and enhance my becoming. They are my greatest teachers. I owe them my compassionate heart and willingness to change. 

Everything about Italian food makes me happy. I enjoy traveling around the world and discovering new cultures and places. I plan to live globally. 

These are My Core Desired Feelings: spaciousness, harmony, and meaningful connection

My archetype is the hummingbird.