One focused session; your option of 90 or 120 min.

Investment: $175 – $250

This is a one-time stop by for clarity and the next steps moving forward. Your journey is already underway, but you want to reflect on a few options and then decide. Perhaps you got stuck along the way and need some assistance to get back on track. Alternatively, you may be facing a crossroads in a relationship, career, or life decision. The ‘What do I do next?’ is keeping you up at night and you are looking for someone to meet you where you are. You could definitely benefit from some guidance to figure things out and change some insecurities or sabotaging thoughts. Here I am, ready to help. I will bring my toolbox for ’emergency’ interventions, so we’ll get you moving forward with clarity, intentional focus, and smart steps you can make on your own (or together if you feel more inclined). Before our 90-minute session, you will receive a Personal Inquiry Worksheet to complete on your own. Following our session, you will continue working on your Aim Smart Plan.

To inquire or register for a session, please fill out the form here.