The heart-mind is our greatest—and often most neglected—form of intelligence. There is no polarization in the heart. It can hold opposing views—shadow and light, fear and higher awareness. This is the non-duality that mystics teach. It’s the inclusiveness that the entire world is needing right now.

A heart centered life is a reflective life. A more reflective life resources us for change—be it disruption, loss; our gentle, daily evolutions; or the most magnificent love that comes our way in a holy instant.

Heart Centered is a way of being with ourselves and with each other. It helps us neutralize judgement, better handle polarization, realize our interconnectedness through greater awareness, integrate our light and shadow, create ease, and give our lives deep purpose.

Heart Centered is more than a concept, a philosophy, or an idealistic way of thinking about life. It is about transforming pain into light, healing through forgiveness and compassion (the heart is for giving), and leveraging the power of love to live a life of higher consciousness.

As we move out of our own way by recognizing our ego-driven attitudes, we create conditions for healing not only for ourselves but for others as well.

The opposite of ego centered is heart centered. We’re going from the small, wounded self to the Higher Self. In terms of electromagnetic frequency, the heart chakra’s force is 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s. Love is the most powerful intelligence.

This is how we make way for solutions to enter our lives. We choose thoughts, feelings, perspectives and actions rooted in heart centered virtues.

We take the benefits of the Heart Centered practices into our friendships, and romantic relationships, and our intentions. The micro moves can influence big changes—when we remember to breathe the anxiety into our heart space, or to offer compassion to someone instead of reaction. We sleep better. We lead with more grace. We become less worried about possible doom, and more engaged in healing the world from our healed sense of self.

If you are looking for ways to expand your mind, be led by the compass of the heart, and discover what you want to embody every single day, this is the place for you.


I am here to guide you.