Are you longing for a deeper connection, a sense of fulfillment, and inclusiveness in your life? Look no further than your relationships.

Every relationship holds the space for self-growth and soulful expansion.

Every relationship, starting with our relationship with ourselves, mirrors both our shadow and light.

Every relationship is a catalyst for healing.

…and ultimately, every relationship takes us back to being heart centered.

Our sense of belonging, purpose, and inner peace is dependent upon how rich, spacious, and nourishing our relationships really are.

Let me ask you this:

Would you consider seeing yourself through the eyes of Divine Love?

In this workshop I invite you to look at your relationships- including the relationship with yourself– through the lens of Divine Love. This is the mother of all states of consciousness, the virtue of all virtues, the seat of grace, forgiveness, and compassion. The practice of Divine Love is the practice of inclusiveness. Shadow + light and all our fragments and glory are welcomed into the heart. This can be the whole purpose of our relationships.

To experience connection, fulfillment, and sacredness in relationships is to recognize and nourish the virtue of Divine Love within yourself.

Whether you’re exhausted in reaching for joy, making things work, or wanting guidance in your relationships…Divine Love can be a daily, healing medicine in your life. This virtue is deeply practical and nourishing for the soul.

Divine Love is transmutational.

It’s alchemy.

It is the web that unites us.

It is how we heal

Through each other.

The focus of our work together is to understand how we can show up in relationships better equipped to not only face but embrace the multitude of our contrasts in the same way we cherish our similarities.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • The difference between the emotion of love and the state of consciousness that is Divine Love.
  • Where emotions come from and how to have a conscious connection with our feelings.
  • How our relationship with our inner child (subconscious) affects partnerships, communication style, career, and everything else.
  • Anchoring to Divine Love for your prayer practice, self-healing, and conflict resolution.

Featured exercise:

  • LOVE LETTERS: learn how to neutralize judgments and embrace both positive and negative emotional states.

What you’ll receive:

  • The Love Letters exercise.
  • Virtue blessing practice.
  • 45 min private follow-up Heart Centered coaching session with me to ground into the practice of Divine Love.

Divine Love is central to our interconnectedness, to our togetherness, to unity consciousness. We need the wisdom of the heart if we are looking to become radically transformed by Love and if we want to elevate how we show up in life, career, and relationships. Divine Love elicits our embodied wisdom allowing for the expansion of our capacity to tend to and care for how we relate to one another and to our physiological, psychological, and social dimensions of life.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You feel trapped in overthinking and judgment.
  • You find yourself consciously/unconsciously sabotaging your relationships.
  • You feel disconnected from who you are and/or from others.
  • You carry the weight of past woundedness and are looking for some relief from suffering.
  • You have difficulties navigating the changing dynamics in the relational field.

This is it…

This workshop is for everyone wanting to love themselves and others in a healthy, nourishing, and empowering way without sacrificing who they really are in the process.  The practice of Divine Love it is not a quick fix, but rather a sacred methodology of widening and deepening your sense of Self and the relationship you have with yourself. Learn to tap that energy field, and you’ll have everything you need to dissolve blocks and glide steadier.

Hello, aliveness!

How to prepare for this event:

I recommend you to be in a private, undistracted space, where you feel comfortable for inner exploration. Please have a journal and a pen handy. We’ll also have a Q&A session towards the end.

The event is limited to 10 persons. Registration will close once the max capacity is reached.

‘We create resilience through heart intelligence.

The world needs to be having more heart centered conversations.’

(Danielle LaPorte)


DATE: June 12th, 2022

TIME: 11am PST/ 2pm EST

DURATION: 90-120 min.


PRICE: $88