8 sessions (weekly or bi-monthly)

Duration: 90 min. each

Investment: $1250

The heart-mind is our greatest—and often most neglected—form of intelligence. There is no polarization in the heart. It can hold opposing views—shadow and light, fear and higher awareness. This is the non-duality that mystics teach. It’s the Inclusiveness that the entire world is needing right now.

A heart centered life is a reflective life. A more reflective life resources us for change—be it disruption, loss; our gentle, daily evolutions; or the most magnificent love that comes our way in a holy instant.

In this coaching program, we explore Heart Centered perspectives and virtues.

There is esoteric and philosophical content that is enlightening and rich, with practical applications and anchor-like rituals. It will not only change the way you see yourself, but it will change your relationship with Life as well. You will find that you now have the ways to respond from the heart instead of reacting from the ego. Less friction, more flow; less judgment, more compassion. 

There is a rich array of exercises, meditations, prayers, and reflections, designed to support and nourish this deep work along the way. All the practices that we’ll explore together work like medicine in crisis (hello challenges!) and enhance wellbeing in everyday life. Your heart, as you will discover (if you haven’t done so yet), is your lighthouse, your temple, and your altar. Anything and everything can be brought into the heart space to be healed and transformed. This leads to more ease and compassion. This is where alchemy and ultimately radiance takes place.

We take the benefits of the Heart Centered practices into our friendships, and romantic relationships, and our intentions. The micro moves can influence big changes—when we remember to breathe the anxiety into our heart space, or to offer compassion to someone instead of reaction. We sleep better. We lead with more grace. We become less worried about possible doom, and more engaged in healing the world from our healed sense of self.

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