Do you have anything to say to your pain, to your joy, to your sorrow, to your peace?

How about “Welcome” and “Thank you”?


This is what I know now to be true: LOVE has space for everything, and everything finds its own place in the vastness of LOVE. Love welcomes everything there is and allows it to be as it is. No pressure to change it, no tendency to force it to go away, no rush, no looking at it with judgment. Love, instead, embraces everything that needs healing and moves it forward with gentleness and compassion. Love sits quietly and listens patiently to what all these emotions and feelings have to say. Love takes responsibility for all thoughts and emotions, which leads to a more empowered result. Loving all there is gets one out of victimhood and inner/outer conflict and delivers a larger perspective of life.


What are you willing to love today? What do you have to say to it?