What would your life be like if you simply believed this? If you consider this even at your lowest, what will the result be? And how will you benefit from that?

This is one of the concepts I discuss with my coaching clients, and it is one they find challenging at first. The reason for this is that sometimes it is very difficult for people to stay ahead of their own thinking game because the human mind is so entrenched in finding arguments to support the opposite.

Many times, we confuse the outcomes of our actions with the value we possess as human beings. We are led to believe that our accomplishments reveal who we are. In reality, none of it is permanent. Neither the actions, nor the results. We therefore will only experience more confusion and disillusionment if we attach a sense of permanency to the outcome of our actions. For those of you who seek to explore life with curiosity and reverence, integrating in your belief system the notion that you are greater than you appear to be, creates the possibility for beautiful unfolding of undiscovered potential. It also leads the mind outside its own limitations into functioning ‘outside the box,’ allowing you to see who you really are. Truth be told, you are always more powerful and resourceful than you can ever imagine.

Now here is a challenge for you: I invite you to consider the possibility that you are greater and wiser than you believe you are (in this case, in that situation, today, and tomorrow). Whenever a challenge arises, greet it with this belief. Whenever opportunity knocks at your door, welcome it with this kind of confidence. Whenever someone challenges you and you feel compelled to react as you always do, consider for a moment that you are wiser than that, and choose to respond differently. Think, feel and behave as being more (LOVING, COMPASSIONATE, WISER, FORGIVING etc.) than you appear to be.

Keep an open mind and see what happens.

Let me know how this concept has served you.