This past weekend was a rough ride for me. I felt overwhelmed and anxious about not getting to the finish line with some of my plans. I am currently in training as a Heart Centered Facilitator, a program that has changed my life in so many profound ways.


Because I am so excited about sharing some of the most amazing tools, exercises, and practices with you, I tend to step out of the flow and get eager about crossing that finish line today. I push myself to go faster and to be better.


Then there are my amazing coaching clients, the transformative work we do together, and continuing to craft my art as a Life and Leadership Coach. And here I am, wanting to give more of myself and my skills and knowledge to the world, while nurturing myself.


Sometimes when we get caught up in wanting to achieve, to finish, to succeed, we lose that connection to our sane rhythms of being. Fortunately, tending to our hearts can lead us back into alignment with our soul.


To heal my anxiety, frustration, and fear of failing my vision, I brought them all into the heart space. I invited these feelings to come into my heart and I started conversations with them. I was looking to understand what they were indicating to me.


Along my discomfort and judgements, I also felt compassionate towards myself. “Of course you feel like this, you’ve been through a lot.” Then, while journaling, I asked my heart: “Heart, what do you feel right now?” “Heart, what do you see that I don’t see?” “Heart, what do you need now?”


It is vital to bring your Heart into the questions because it will take you out of your mind. This is a highly practical approach if you want to move in the direction of Light. Try this exercise and connect with your Heart.


You will be amazed at what the heart can teach you, and what bright revelations it can offer to you.


Let me know in the comments what you have discovered.