What we are looking for is what is looking

As human beings, we can define ourselves in many ways. For example, we can declare our accomplishments and failures as part of who we are. We can reclaim the outcomes of our past experiences and allow them to speak for who we are. Our identity can also be shaped by how we relate to other people and our role in their lives. Our identity can be defined in so many ways. The question is, are any of them correct? What if who I am comes from what I am seeking to become? The question is complex, but it opens up more possibilities for us. If I am seeking the truth, am I the truth? If I am looking for Love, am I the love? If I am looking for joy, purpose, and meaning in my life, am I all of these? Yes.

We are what we are looking for. I am the answer I need at any given moment. I am the solution I desperately seek. Because of this, I can create new possibilities at any time. Let me show you how…

It is not our past, our achievements, our relationships, successes, or failures that define us. Contrary to common belief, we live in a world of possibilities even when we believe they are few. Asking ourselves, “What else is possible here that I haven’t yet considered?”, we widen our perception, and we shift from only looking at the obvious (what is in front of us) to seeing what lies inward + outward that we were not previously aware of. Awareness is key here. Our attention is directed toward what we think and feel now and toward what else can be thought and felt regarding something or someone. We then choose the thought that moves us forward. We think what we intend to feel. Do I want to feel lighter? What is a different perspective I can choose that will make me feel lighter? What else is possible that I have not yet considered?

We can welcome ease and peace of mind into our lives by being willing to include new possibilities in our perspective. I have an idea of who I am, but I don’t confine myself to it. It goes the same for all the ideas I have about life in general, what I envision for the future, or what I think about the past.

I came to these conclusions at one point in my life, but I am no longer living at that point in my life. I am becoming who I am every moment of my life, and I am embracing this constant state of change by learning and creating new possibilities for myself.

We are what we seek. So…what else is possible?

Be open to possibilities.