What does it mean? It means replaying past events in our minds to find closure, heal, and align with what we wanted instead of what we got.

Choosing not to let go of what happened earlier, a day ago, or ten years ago, means choosing not to let go of the past because you may feel that doing so would mean betraying yourself rather than fighting for an apology, for your righteousness, or for seeing the other repent at your feet (all EGO based needs). The result of this approach: YOUR CHOICE OF antagonism, struggle, resistance, frustration, defiance.

Energy follows thought, so when you live within the frame of past conflicts, you will unconsciously see everything that is ‘wrong,’ broken, and ‘who is to blame’ for the pain you feel. You live in the realm of effects. You are at the mercy of your own distorted perceptions without even realizing it.

The solution is to look for the root cause of your suffering. It isn’t what happened to you. It’s what you do with that experience. What you make of it.

You may want to ask yourself, “What beliefs keep me stuck in this conflict? List them. Then, ask yourself: What will happen if I’ll keep believing this? Is this what I want to bring into my life? Is this what I want my life to be about? A crusade for…what?

You cannot fight for healing, for love, or for peace of mind. You can only BE THAT which you are looking for. That means, my love, reclaiming your power from where you unknowingly gave it away. Shift your focus to what really matters for you right here, right now. This will help you to shift your perspective and energy so that you can feel less attached to the apology, or to making things right. You will instead become more attuned to realizing that what you want is already here. You just need to become aware of it.